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Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genomics, and Toxicology

Research Associate, post doc, graduate student, co-op and undergraduate summer internship positions are available to study the effect of chemicals, natural products and drugs on:

  1. The aryl hydrocarbon receptor:ligand interactions and protein structure
  2. Genome expression in in vitro and in vivo models using microarrays
  3. In vivo physiological endpoints

Positions are available in:

  • Receptor Structure/Interactions
  • Microarrays and Gene Profiling
  • Bioinformatics

Receptor Structure/Interactions Position

A position is available to the investigate the structure and biophysical properties of the estrogen and aryl hydrocarbon receptor when bound to structurally diverse synthetic and natural chemicals. These projects involve mutagenesis, protein expression, purification and the characterization of receptor function. A variety of biophysical approaches will be used to examine receptor-ligand interactions, protein-protein (i.e. receptor-coactivator) interactions and the structure of the receptor-ligand complex.


Genome Expression Position

A position is available to examine the effect of xenobiotic chemicals on:

  • Male fertility and gene expression in the mouse Leydig cells
  • Gene expression in estrogen-responsive tissues in mice

This position requires a highly motivated and well-organized individual with excellent writing and oral communication skills. The ideal candidate will have interests in molecular biology, toxicology, and/or genomics. This position involves the development and use of microarray technology to assess effects of treatment on genome expression.


Bioinformatics Position

An Oracle DB has been created to support research investigating the effects of chemicals on gene expression in mice and cells in culture. The position involves a variety of projects including data mining, DBA duties, and user interface development. In addition, there will be an opportunity to obtain research experience in the areas of molecular biology, biochemistry, toxicology and genomics.

This is a multifaceted position requiring a highly motivated and well-organized individual with excellent writing and oral communication skills. The ideal candidate will have strong computer skills including several of the following: fluency in at least one high level language, experience designing or programming relational databases, strong SQL skills, NT admin, Oracle admin, CGI/PERL, or Java. Previous biomedical research experience is desirable, but not required.


More Information

Further information is available from: Tim Zacharewski, Ph.D.

Michigan State University 
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
603 Wilson Road, Room 501 
East Lansing, MI 48824-1319

tel: (517) 355-1607
fax: (517) 353-9334
e-mail: CLOAKING