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dbZach: Toxicogenomic Database

What is dbZACH?

dbZACH is a toxicogenomic information management system, built on a relational database and Java technology, used to store a variety of data generated or otherwise relevant to the Zacharewski lab. The goal of the project is to create a local data management product that is capable of serving the needs of small toxicology laboratories. The database is in the process of being migrated to Oracle 10g, and will operate in a SuSE Linux 9 on an IBM x255 eServer. Currently we have a second port of dbZach in aDB2 environment.

Ongoing Projects

Who are the dbZach System developers?

The dbZach System is being developed by the Zacharewski Laboratory Bioinformatics Group, located in 248 National Food Safety and Toxicology Center, at Michigan State University. The Bioinformatics Group plays a supporting role in the ongoing research of the lab.

dbZACH Information and Bioinformatics Group Documentation

dbZACH Online (Interfaces)

  • Clones: Input a clone_id or accession number; returns cluster and functional annotation for the queried clone_id
  • Protocols: See SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) of the lab.
  • Real-Time PCR Primers: Query for primers currently in dbZach.
  • Software Comments Interface: Allows laboratory members and collaborators to comment on our software.