Quality Assurance Plan: Bioinformatics


The Zacharewski Bioinformatics Group places quality above all else. Ensuring our software achieves the highest levels of quality is of the utmost importance. Although we are a small group, we aim to achieve the highest levels of code quality, while maintaining openness about our quality assurance and control methods.

Quality code generation is the goal of all of our coders. They understand that our investigators rely upon their software everyday to produce results that are right. Low quality code not only impacts the performance of the software, but it impacts the ability of our investigative team to make the right decisions concerning their projects. Careful planning and review of our software early in the development process will mitigate quality problems later in the process.

Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)

The QAP outlines our quality assurance plan as it pertains to software and database development. Any interested party may download a copy of our latest QAP.

Download the QAP v1.1: [PDF]

Download the QAP v1.2: [PDF]

Download the QAP v1.3: [PDF]